Entries are now closed and will reopen in 2017 but in the meantime if you have a question about submitting please check our rules and the frequently asked questions below.  If you are still unsure, feel free to Contact Us

Film Submission Information

Film Categories

There are several categories that you can enter your film into:
Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Student, Music Video, International and Under 18.

Film Length

Between 1 minute and 15 minutes.

Deadline for Film Submission

Early bird deadline March 1st 2015. 
Final submission deadline June 1st 2015.

How to Submit your Film

To submit your film please go to the Submit your Film page.


Can I submit without paying an entry fee?

Unfortunately no, our entry fees are deliberately competitively low and we rely on the entry fees to cover vital administration costs incurred by running the festival.

I am a teacher/lecturer, can I submit an entire classes work?

Yes, an entry form will need to be filled in for each film entered e.g.  20 films are submitted from class A1, 20 forms must be filled in, one for each film.  Please be aware that the rule of 3 entries maximum per filmmaker (student) still stands.  If the class as a group has made several films then a maximum of three can be entered.

I have entered through Festhome and paid a fee on their website, is this the entry fee?

No, Festhome charges to submit your film through them, our entry fee must be paid separately and in full for the film to be eligible.

I have entered my film, will I be contacted if it doesn't get selected?

No, unfortunately as we receive hundreds of entries and have relatively small admin team it is not possible for us to contact each filmmaker on the status of their film.  However one week after entries close, the official selection and nominees are posted on our website and all social media (excludingYoutube).  If your film is not on the list then unfortunately it hasn't been selected.

Why wasn't my film selected?

As we receive hundreds of entries, we don't have the time at the festival to screen all of them.  Therefore we can only select a handful to show, this does not mean that your film 'isn't any good', it simply means that we cannot show all the films we would like to and that your category was particularly strong.  As it says in the rules, so long as the film is no older than three years old at the start of the next festival you may enter it again.

Can I submit my feature film?

No, we are exclusively a short film competition.  As the festival grows we hope to add a feature length category.

My film is over the 15-minute limit, can I submit it?

We allow films that go over the 15-minute limit for credits to be entered (so long as the credits do not take the film past 16 minutes and 30 seconds).  However we do not allow films whose main narrative content passes the 15-minute threshold.

How do I submit my film?

Go to our Submit your Film page and follow the instructions